A key challenge for government is how to share information when they are organised into silos and which department has the right copy of that information to base a decision upon.

Current legacy systems and business processes used by governments perpetuate the problems that we as customers are familiar with: too many forms, high fees, slow response times, complex governance and the need for different departments within different levels of governments to achieve consensus on information to provide a service.

Civic Ledger believes that those governments exploring the potential of blockchain technology and smart contracts, will have better engagement with their citizens and customers.  Blockchain technology can enable both integrity and transparency of government by:

 Enhancing security
 Enabling lower costs for financial transactions
 Increasing speed of transactions
 Enabling greater transparency of those transactions
 Solving digital identity
 Reducing fraud to solve the double spend problem

To learn more about how blockchain technology can be explored by both the private and public sectors, please enjoy the below TED Talk from Bettina Warburg, Blockchain Expert, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Animal Ventures.

Bettina Warburg is a blockchain researcher, entrepreneur and educator. A political scientist by training, she has a deep passion for the intersection of politics and technology.  Since her TED Talk in November 2016, it has had over 1.3 million views.  Duration 14.57 mins.