What We Do

Civic Ledger is an Australian startup that uses the best of emerging technologies to transform a wide range of business process challenges faced by public sector markets.

We use technologies including blockchain and smart contracts to enable citizens and customers to self-manage the speed, convenience, and control over their transactions with government such as entitlements and benefits.

Once digitalised, the entitlement and benefit transaction can be viewed by interested participants across the supply chain  for tracking its ownership and transfer resulting in reduced time, cost and risks to governments when enforcing regulatory compliance.

Civic Ledger has been working with all levels of government to explore the possibilities of the blockchain technology and smart contracts as an enabler to create a transparent and open market place to complete the customer fulfillment process.


Civic Ledger uses key blockchain innovative elements to build citizen-at-the-centre solutions for government which are missing from current legacy systems including:

 Notarisation and time stamping
 Issuance ownership and transfer
 Digital asset chain of possession
 Life-cycle tracking and transparency