Fintech and Blockchain Solutions Conference Launceston 15 May 2017

This inaugural event had four world class speakers covering the following four topics.

Alan Tsen is the CEO of Fintech Victoria discussed the Fintech scene in Victoria and Australia as a whole, the relevance Fintech plays in the near future and how this technology can be used in boosting local economies such as Tasmania.

Grantly Miles, CEO of Civic Ledger discussed ways in which blockchain architecture can solve present day problems around the licences and registrations that governments currently administer.

Damian Ivereigh outlined the imminent addition of 1gb internet speeds in Tasmania and the impact that this will have on unleashing the potential of Fintech and other high tech applications in Tasmania.

Mike Cruse from Definium demonstrated the high tech manufacturing facility based in Launceston that can design and manufacture custom IoT, Sensors and blockchain components.

The event was held at Cowork Launceston on Monday 15th of May at 9am – 12pm.

The event was hosted by Cowork Launceston and Get Paid In Bitcoin.


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